Whatever change you want to implement, it’s the people that make the difference.

Go-C strives to make organizations successful by bringing the people focus (back) in the organization. To make the difference between good and awesome!

"People do not resist change, they resist being changed."
- Peter Senge


What drives me?

Every person, who shares your values and beliefs, is an asset to your team or organization and an important contributor to your team’s or organization’s success. However, often you see, when changes are implemented, that it is exactly the people impacted who get the least attention.
“We provided the training. Why are they not following our new way of working?”

Change: Communicate - Connect - Collaborate

Every person, every team and every organization is unique. Go-C is curious about what motivates and inspires people. That’s why Go-C focuses on people first.
Go-C sparks the chemistry among people.

“Together we can improve our work processes and achieve amazing results.”

What people say about me

Lorette’s management style is engaging and connective. She brings people together and guides the (change) process, supporting the team by providing structure and a clear and open communication. She enjoys working in a team, together striving to achieve the best results possible by creating a clear focus. She takes ownership of the process and responsibility for the results whilst stimulating mutual involvement and successful cooperation.

She is able to quickly adapt to a new working area and has experience varying from regulatory affairs (REACH) to Information Management. While diverse, these fields share a complexity level and the need to adapt to a swiftly changing environment, in which it is important to structure and standardize (working) processes.

Lorette has a clear, open communication style, supporting others in their strive for a better and more efficient end result (continuous improvement).


Naar het overzicht

Go-C: Lorette van de Mast

driven - enthusiastic - results oriented - open - analytical

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