“Always change a winning team”

– Peter P. Robertson

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What drives me?

Every person, who shares your values and beliefs, is an asset to your team or organization and is an important contributor to your team’s AND organization’s success. Often you see, when change is required, that diversity in the team and organization, gets the least attention. But this diversity is the essence for being effective and reaching results. It’s all about the right team, at the right time.

Let’s go and build effective teams. Unlock the full potential in your organization. Exceed your results by bringing the people focus (back) into your organization.

“Spark the chemistry between people”

– Lorette van de Mast


Every person, every team and every organization is unique. Go-C is curious about what motivates and inspires your people and how that translates into the power of your teams. That’s why Go-C focuses on people first.




About Lorette

Lorette studied chemical engineering and joined, at the start of her career, the listed multinational global chemicals producer AkzoNobel, later on Nouryon. In various roles, she applied her skills in scaling up and standardization of business processes. She has extensive experience in successfully building and leading teams during times of transformation and in volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiquitous contexts.

Her moral compass and her passion for personal development, led her to join the global supplier for the public transportation market Thales Ground Transportation Systems. It gave her the opportunity to lead the Dutch engineering team into a new phase repositioning the local team in the global organization, whilst strengthening the connection between management and workforce.

Throughout her career, in Regulatory Affairs, Information Management and Engineering, Lorette continuously strengthened her talent in connecting people, building and uniting teams and organizations. Cross countries, cultures and organizations, always aiming to unite for results.

Firmly based on her professional experience, Lorette strives to add value to much more organizations through Go-C!

Her ambition: to support executives and leaders, in building and facilitating effective teams and creating the optimal context for obtaining results.
Lorette makes visible what truly matters. Clarifying the steps towards the team’s goal, showing how it can be done … together!
Catalyzing and empowering teams to create the positive impact our world needs today and tomorrow.

“People make the difference”

– Lorette van de Mast

To me, Lorette is one of the most beautiful people I have met in my career. To keep it short: open minded, honest, loyal, empathetic, supportive and goal oriented. Even when management did not always value her ideas, effort and sacrifices, she always worked constructively and was loyal to the company goals.

- John Raven

Working with Lorette has been a great experience. She's really good at solving problems and getting clear results, which is impressive. She can explain difficult issues and their solutions to people no matter their background, making complicated ideas easy to understand. Lorette's skills makes team work better together and help everyone be clear and on the same page.

- Shivansh Teotia

Lorette can cultivate spaces where individuals thrive and grow. Her dedication to nurturing the potential of others is truly inspiring, and it's an honor to witness the meaningful impact you make in empowering those around you, while also elevating organizational structures to new heights of efficiency and cohesion.

- Arjan Croezen

Working together has been an enlightening journey, where every experience and review has shaped our collaboration. Your adeptness in people management and your visionary approach have truly elevated our professional dynamic. Here's to continued growth and success in our shared endeavors.

- Demi Versfeld


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